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About Us

We are a small business trying to do our very best to meet or exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Our mission is simple, to offer exceptional products and services at affordable prices.

We are immigrants, FOBs (Fresh Off the Boat) or in our case, Fresh Off the Airplane, you may say. We now live on Native American lands and do wish to offer our gratitude and respects to these lands and the Native Peoples. We are grateful to share and to receive from these lands and seas. We are thankful to be here and we will do everything to live up to the expectations and wishes of our host, the Native Peoples.

Our journey began in 1991 from the beautiful island of Pohnpei. It was there were we met up and decided to become one unit. It was in Kolonia where we said, “I do” in confirmation of a union between two people and with Christ. It was in Kolonia and Sokehs where we celebrated the unity with families and friends.

Each of us came from a different island, Ifalik in Yap and Uman on Chuuk, but it was Pohnpei where it all began. We say Kallahngan to honor our families and relatives on Pohnpei, especially those from Sokehs.

Obviously, Ifalik and Uman, thank you for raising us up to be who we are today. We owe you all we got. And we honor you by representing you in the best of what we can do, as individuals and together as a unit.

Here, we arrived in the Y2K, in big “D” or the state of Texas and was there for just a year before relocating to the state of Oregon and finally in 2009 moved here to the state of Washington. We’ve been here since with our 3 daughters and 2 boys.

Prior to moving here, we lived on beautiful Guam, where “America’s Day Begins,” and where we say Hafa Adai. We owe you Guam! You were an awesome host and Si Yu’os Ma’åse for everything. 

We like to think we brought good fortune here since the SeaHawks finally won a championship and the Light Rail is finally reaching our town, Federal Way. We also expanded our family to include 2 beautiful granddaughters and 3 handsome grandsons. In addition, we had informally adopted several island boys, the two closest are Koa from Hawaii and Desmond from Samoa. We love them all. 

Anyways, there’s a little of our lives and the rest is in the pictures below. We are always grateful to families, relatives, friends, and valued customers  for your support. We wish you the very best! 

in pictures