We Love Helping You Express yourself...
Welcome to i5prints! Here you will find beautiful designs to express yourself and/or your organization.

We are immigrants arrived in America in the year 2000, Fresh Off the Boats and found ourselves on the West Coast of America.

We are descendants of islanders that had gone through many years of colonization in the Pasifika stratosphere. 

i5prints created out of our love of expressing ourselves through writings, blogging, facebooking, and the likes. We hope to help you and your organization express and represent yourself and your brand. 

Our values remain family, culture, faith and tradition. Everything we do centers around these values. 

Elegant Design

the ART OF EXPRESSION – 691 is the FSM area code and Kosrae is the isles of the Sleeping Lady.

Exquisite Products

Show your passion and love of them islands. Check out our stunning collection


Environmentally Sensitive

The greenery of our Pohnpei and the flow of the rivers and falls is rooted in our designs. 

Culturally Connected

Whatever we do, culture and tradition remains the core center of our values, and we take that to heart, literally. 

Our Partners

Our team

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